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The development of a bio-refinery, like any chemical process, requires optimization and integration of all unit operations to yield a process that has optimized economics. Current gasifier designs are simply not designed to produce syngas that can be utilized to economically produce higher value products from biomass. Syngas Technology has expertise in all of the key process technologies required to develop a gasification process that is optimized to produce syngas from biomass that enables a low cost pathway for the production of higher value products from cellulosic biomass.

Biomass to Fuel

A high pressure gasifier that produces controlled ratio syngas with minimum diluent is the key technology for the successful commercialization of an economical bio-refinery. Feed pre-treatment and syngas cleanup are pre- and post-gasifier processes and are highly integrated with the high pressure gasifier design. The final fuel product synthesis processes are well established chemical process technologies that are available for commercial license.

SynGas Technology has developed novel technology that solves the key problems with feed stock handling and gasification to open that pathway to a true integrated bio-refinery. SynGas Technology’s integrated bio-refinery approach provides a low technical risk, short developmental time frame solution for the production of commercial transportation fuels from agricultural residues and cellulosic biomass in an economical manner without the need for government subsidies.