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SynGas Technology’s Mission is to enable the profitable production of sustainable fuels and chemicals from underutilized cellulosic biomass using our advanced proprietary technologies.

Our technology can utilize virtually any cellulosic biomass feedstock from wood chips to agricultural resides, such as corn stover to enable the production of liquid fuels that fully meet existing fuel specifications. These biomass materials are renewable, carbon neutral, and do not impact the food supply. Biomass gasification to synthesis gas (syngas) will play a significant role in the future renewable energy economy as biomass derived fuels provide a significant reduction of CO2 (carbon dioxide) compared to fossil fuels. Consequently, fuels based on cellulosic biomass are considered a benefit for the environment.

Our biomass‐to‐syngas technologies enable the conversion of biomass into the necessary chemicals used for the creation of agricultural fertilizer, heating fuel, and renewable transportation fuels. The transportation fuels that can be produced from syngas include full specification ASTM D4814 Gasoline and ASTM D975 Diesel. These fuels will require no vehicle modification by existing consumers and can directly enter the existing distribution network.

SynGas Technology has an experienced team with numerous patents in syngas production and chemical production processes. SynGas Technology was formally established in 2010 as an outgrowth of Gradient Technology whose founders have extensive experience in petroleum refining, fuels production, and petrochemical catalysis. They bring with them their extensive experience in executive management, business development and government contracting.